Easy online Net Promoter Score® surveys with responses in your email.

Create NPS® web surveys with responses directly into your email with no hassle. No registration needed.

Create NPS survey

It's easy (and free) to set up your NPS surveys.

Registration is not needed. Just follow the following steps

1. Create your survey

We just need to know your email (to send you responses to the survey), and the name of your product or service. We won't share your email with anyone. We do not send spam.

2. Share survey link with customers

We will provide you with a URL to access your survey that you can share with your customers via email, by inserting the survey link in your website, printing it on menus... It's up to you.

3. Receive responses in your inbox

Everytime a customer provides an answer to your NPS survey, we will forward it to your email address together with some statistics of the aggregated responses so far.

Just start collecting feedback from your customers and focus on your business

Many top companies use NPS.

Many companies are already using the Net Promoter System® system to improve satisfaction of customers and employees. See what they’re saying


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